Don Giovanni, 1815 (2015)

We find ourselves anno 1815 in the Netherlands where Mozart’s famous opera Don Giovanni enjoys its premiere, although not in the original Mozart and Da Ponte version from 1787, but in a French arrangement of the work. BarokOpera Amsterdam brings you to the rehearsals for the premiere to illustrate what has happened in 28 years time, not only in the opera world, but in Europe itself. The tension of post-Napoleon Holland echoes through the numerous versions of Don Giovanni.

A charming performance, accessible to budding afficionados, and strongly recommended as well to those familiar with the work, as they will see, and hear new insights into the well-known opera hero.

...een muzikaal en theatraal feest... zeer gedetailleerd en fantasievol geregisseerd door Nynke van den Bergh... In de orkestbak heerst Frédérique Chauvet en dat is te horen... laat horen hoe 'authentiek' op periode-instrumenten kan klinken...- Opera Magazine

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