Barokopera Amsterdam combines authentic performance practice with innovative modern theater, accessible to a wide audience. We base our productions on our own historical research in which we always search for the unexpected from the past and the creativity of the present. This approach has brought to light many a hidden jewel over the years.


This season:

King Arthur - Henry Purcell

Barokopera Amsterdam’s lively and inventive stage presentation is one that delights both eye and ear, complete with all the heroic passages and joyful scenes we immediately recognise from the greatest playwright of the English Restoration, John Dryden. In this new version of Purcell’s tragi-comic masterpiece, director Sybrand van der Werf has chosen to create a modern form of epic/transparency theatre – in which the singers not only play their own roles, but also function as the storytellers of the King Arthur legend themselves.



Previous seasons:

Acis & Galatea

Händel’s favourite opera


The storyline of Acis, Galatea and Polyphemus seems to have been a common thread throughout Händel’s life: he had the work performed about 70 times between 1708 and 1742.

Acis & Galatea is not just another of the countless stories of ill-fated love; a beastily enamoured and jealous third character assumes the key role: Polyphemus. He is in fact the one who raises the plot to a level far beyond your run-of-the-mill love story. He is the driving force behind the story, with his uncouth advances, his jealousy, and, ultimately, his incomprehensible violence. This unusual persona creates a tremendous tension, making this love story a unique one.



The music of Acis & Galatea is very accessible to the ear: the recitatives are short, the arias are at times virtuosic and, just as often, melodically wonderfully simple. With the melodies and duets which exude love, and with the blustery bravado from the ferocious giant Polyphemus, this mini-opera delivers a magnificent example of the composer’s elegance, inventivity, and humour.

BarokOpera Amsterdam presents Acis & Galatea in co-production with Opéra Louise based in Fribourg, Switserland, and ARMA based in France.




Don Giovanni, 1815

We’ll take you back to The Hague in 1815, where a French arrangement of Mozart’s Don Giovanni is being rehearsed. Or better said, TWO arrangements, making it difficult for the director and singers to choose which one to use: will it be Kalkbrenner’s rather more chaste version or the naughtier one from Castil-Blaze? In any case, Mozart’s magnificent music will ring through the hall.


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